May 23, 2007

Honduras in the news, May 2007

Random La Ceiba photo that has absolutely nothing to do with his article.

Helping Honduras

"The beauty of Honduras was not initially apparent," Tara recalled. "The extreme poverty was overwhelming, depressing and frightening. Nothing I had seen on television or read about could have prepared me for what I saw."

One of many stories almost daily on the internet of U.S. Americans coming to Honduras to help the poverty stricken.

Where do your socks come from?

"Imports from Honduras alone jumped about 40 percent through February since the country implemented the agreement (CAFTA) last March and Alabama has lost more than one-thousand sock mill jobs since the trade deal was approved in July 2005."

Five beat man while police watch

"estrada, a transvestite activist in honduras, was beaten by five men on april 20 while police officers encouraged the attackers and reportedly prevented others from coming to his aid, according to amnesty international...estrada was injured and has received no medical attention in police custody....he was jailed for attempted murder charge when he tried to defend himself while his attackers were set free..."

This is from a blog called "true peace is the presence of justice." It's subtitle is "freedom is when the people can speak...democracy is when the government listens..." How true.

American companies aren't the only ones to exploit the poor in Central America

“In Canada and the United States, cyanide is no longer used [by Goldcorp subsidiaries], but over there [in Guatemala and Honduras] they still use it... What we need is solidarity among peoples."

But sometimes they ask for it

While some communities band together in face of the big mining companies, others invite them in. A recent protest was held in support of a small town mayor who granted an exploratory mining permit to a Canadian company. "We want the money," said the citizens. (Sorry, you'll have to take my word for it. I lost the link for this one and La Prensa has deleted their site search button.)

New Mayan discovery in Copan

"Archaeologists working in Honduras have discovered an entombed human skeleton of an elite member of the ancient Maya Empire, which might help unravel some longstanding mysteries of the vanished culture."

For more information about the Copan ruins, also see the national park site.

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