May 13, 2007

Weather today: Smoke

La Ceiba beach, HondurasLa Ceiba beach on a hazy day

I just checked the Underground Weather sticker on this blogicito. It says 81 F and the weather description is "smoke."

Interesting. I didn't know that was an official weather description, but we were out and about today and I'd say it was a good one. We saw several small fires and evidence that there have been many more. The whole side of one small mountain near the bridge was burned away.

The weather has been very hot the past few weeks and I think that it has been almost a month since we've had any rain − that is very unusual for La Ceiba. Rio Cangrejal in town looks more like a dry creek bed.

People burn trash all the time and sometimes the fires spread. Fields and new colonias are often cleared by burning. Generally, every spring the sugar cane fields are burned resulting in a smoky haze settling over most of the country for about a week. I thought that usually occurred earlier in the spring but I'm not sure.

I looked up at the sun this afternoon and it looked more like the moon as it was obscured by the heavy layer of haze.
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