May 20, 2007

La Ceiba's Carnaval

La Ceiba Carnival 2006A float from the 2006 La Ceiba Carnaval

I mentioned in the previous La Ceiba Carnaval article that I was surprised that there wasn't more information about it available on the internet, since it is one of Honduras' major mainland tourist attractions and it is supposedly the biggest carnaval (carnival) in Central America.

Google apparently agreed with me because now a search for 'La Ceiba Carnaval' lists my flimsy article as the 4th and 5th entries out of 60,000 entries. If you use the English spelling, 'La Ceiba Carnival,' my article shows up 8th and 9th out 21,700. I'm not trying to brag, really I'm not. I'm just trying to show that the marketing of this event is not going so well if my blogicito ranks so high.

The "official Carnaval website" (in Spanish) (link removed as the website no longer exists) is now functional, for the most part. The information about hotels and restaurants is slim, so if you are coming to La Ceiba for carnival, a better site to check out is Honduras Tips
, although some of that information is outdated.

Actually, if you are coming for carnaval, I hope that you already have your hotel reservations, because this is one of the two times per year that the hotels do fill up. Actually, if the hotels fill up, then maybe they don't want to market it....Oh well, never mind, again. 


See the 2013 carnival update here.

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