May 14, 2007

Oh, boo hoo, everyone is against me

Honduran president in F-5Honduran President Mel Zelaya in F-5 jet
Photo: La Prensa, Honduras

I'm not the only one feeling sorry for myself lately. Honduran President Mel Zelaya says that everyone is against him.
Critican absolutamente todo como si este país estuviera en ruinas, no quieren a Honduras, no quieren a los hondureños, actúan sólo por intereses particulares o políticos”, fustigó.
"They criticize absolutely everything as if this country was in ruins, they don't love Honduras, they don't love the Honduran people, they act only for private and political interests," he lashed out.
He says that the media is the only reason why Hondurans don't feel safe. If only they wouldn't write about all the kidnappings and murders, we would all be dumb and happy and think that he's doing a great job.

When pressed about it, he says he just wants to censor the gruesome photos. While I agree that the photos are often excessive, any step toward censoring the media is a step down a slippery slope.
Next I suppose he will say that the only reason that 95% of the Honduran people believe the government is corrupt is because the media writes about it.

Mel has been threatening to censor the news which, of course, doesn't go over very well in world opinion. In April he tried to get the Congress to pass a law preventing the press from reporting violent acts. He says the congress wasn't interested in the proposal because of the power of the press. (Highly doubtful that that was the reason!)

A couple of weeks ago, he
compared himself to Christ, because, he said, there are sectors who only want to crucify him, despite all the good he has done. Honduran blogger Shabaj of the Claro y Pelado blog thinks that Mel owes the Honduran public an apology for this one.

The other day he decided he wanted to fly an F-5 jet, so at a cost of somewhere around L. 90,000 in fuel alone (U.S. $4,760),
he did. Of course he was blasted by the press. Ex-commander of the Honduran Air Force Roberto Mendoza Garay said that Mel put himself, the jet, and any other air traffic in the vicinity in danger. The commander said, "We can replace the president, we can't replace this jet because it's too expensive." Ha ha!

His latest statement which made the headlines was "I don't govern." That's not something a politician usually admits. He says that power groups "
have hijacked the country."

I think most Hondurans have known for a long time that power groups hijacked the country many years ago. It is just that now, it seems the power groups may be against Mel.

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