May 25, 2007

Is this the same president we had yesterday?

President Mel Zelaya's Ad, La Prensa, Honduras

Huh? I scanned this full page ad from La Prensa today. Here is my translation:

Because behind the news

Ethics and responsibility are a duty

In the Day of the Journalist, the Government of the Republic (of Honduras) that is presided over by Mr. President José Manuel Zelaya Rosales, congratulates and recognizes the responsible and important labor of journalists, auditor and voice of the majority, guarantor of democratic freedom and meaningful support of all government that looks for integrated development for all Hondurans.

Congratulations Journalists of Honduras!

Hondurans, help me out here. Have I translated this properly?
Is he "hablando con pelos en la lengua"? Does that phrase fit this situation? I've never been quite sure what "hairy tongue" meant.
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