May 7, 2007

The baby has a baby

The nine-year-old had her baby on Thursday. She named the girl Cindy Alejandra. The doctors reported that both the mother and child (child and child?) are healthy. The baby weighed 2020 grams (4.5 lbs.). The nine-year-old is under the care of a nurse and a body guard to keep the press away and prevent them from taking pictures. She is currently living with a foster family.

The doctor said that she should start psychological treatment immediately to help her deal with the sexual abuse that she suffered from her father. Whether that will actually happen or not is anyone's guess. IHNFA (Honduran children and family agency) has yet to decide if she will be returned to her family or go into a "center."

Let's hope that it's neither, because in the very same newspaper, there was a report that children in the centers didn't have enough food to eat and were bathing with laundry detergent because the government didn't have the money to buy food and personal hygiene products.

One foster mother reported that IHNFA sends her malnourished, sick, dirty children covered with lice who have a severe bad odor. She laments the level of negligence shown by the directors of IHNFA and questions the ability of those who care for children in the centers, saying that they are only there for the paycheck.

An investigation by the Fiscalía (district attorney) determined that there is a crisis in all of the IHNFA centers. The Directora General of INHFA was unavailable for comment.
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