May 26, 2007

Sweet potato surprise

Sprouted camotesSprouted camotes

Whoops! I guess the camotes (sweet potatoes) are past their prime. I think I'll just plant them and see what happens. I wish I could find a really good variety of sweet potato to plant. The only variety I've found here in La Ceiba are yellow inside, not very flavorful, and the texture is often a bit stringy.

I love sweet potatoes. I wonder if they would be more popular here if a better variety was available. Other than bananas, yuca (cassava), cabbage, mild chiles, and tomatoes, not many vegetables are staples in the basic Honduran diet. In fact, many of the other vegetables that are available in the market are imported from Guatemala. I've always wondered about this. I found an article the other day which helps to explain the lack of diversification, at least in one small town called Agua Amarilla.

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