May 31, 2007

Bad news today

The PVC pipes mark the lot lines

The vacant lot across the side street has just been marked for subdividing, not into two lots, but, it appears, into FOUR lots. I am sick about this. The owner of the development assured us that they weren't going to allow this anymore, and in fact, would not provide water connections for more than one house per lot. Hmmpf! This lot is owned by a relative of the owners.

There is no way that we will have enough water in this
colonia to support one house on each lot, much less four. I'm sure that the electrical lines aren't sufficient to provide power to so many houses either. Then there is also the fact that we have been told that this side of the colonia has never been hooked up to the sewage/septic system and that all of our waste water goes directly into the creek.

The people selling the property won't care about any of that. They don't live here. The people buying the property probably won't think to ask about that or will believe the lies they are told. (We were told we had city water, not well water.)

I still have my bottle of agua potable (potable water). I think I'll show it to all the people who come to look at the property.

That is not coke! That is water straight out of the faucet.
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