May 1, 2007

What's up lately?

chihuahua puppiesSee, their ears do stand up!

Oh, my. I've become quite a slacker lately. Here are some of the things going on:

We're almost finished painting the garage. It looks fabulous for a garage. Too bad we have to stuff it back full of all our junk − mostly MY gardening junk.

A girl rang the bell this morning looking for work. Hmmm. She's 17 and has a 7-month-old baby. She and her boyfriend just broke up. Doesn't sound promising. She starts tomorrow.

Frank didn't show up for work today. We'll know tomorrow if he quit or just wanted a long weekend.

chihuahua puppyWe sold a puppy! What a lucky little guy this is. He's going to be living the good life. The gringo folks who bought him have a 5,000 sq.ft. home in San Pedro, a home on Roatan, a yacht, a sailboat, and a plane. Can I come, too? They also have a toy poodle who is thrilled that his folks brought home a little squeak toy chihuahua for him to play with. Life is good.

Chloe the Rottweiler is in heat again already. El Jefe wants to breed her with the neighbor's rottweiler. No way, says me. Look how much trouble we've had finding homes for 4 adorable chihuahuas. I can not imagine taking care of 10-14 rottweiler puppies.

El Jefe has had some free time lately and we've been on a movie marathon. The video store folks roll out the red carpet for him when they see him coming. They even stay open late so he can return our movies on time and pick up some more. Now that's service!

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