May 14, 2007

Andy Palacio

Andy PalacioAndy Palacio - Wátina

Reader Gail from Key Largo mentioned that she download Wátina, a Garífuna CD by Andy Palacio and the Garífuna Collective. I checked it out on and spent two hours listening. Oh, I love this kind of music!

I'm not a music buff. I couldn't participate in an intelligent conversation about English-language music, much less Garífuna. I only know what I like. Even though I can't understand the words, this music really speaks to me.

Gail asked if the CD came with written lyrics. I found this in a review on Amazon. com:
"The booklet that comes with it is worth the cd price in itself. Beautiful history, the lyrics, an inunderstandable dying language. Yet, you can understand what is being said, especially with the English translation. Simple texts, sometimes big things don't need much words. Put this on, have a beer, close your eyes, move to the tropics. This is fine fine music."

Another review from
"A little bit Cuban, a little bit Brazilian, with a reggae lilt, a Cape Verdean melodic lushness and a whole range of African echoes that you can't quite put your finger on." --London Daily Telegraph (UK)

Andy Palacio is from Belize. You can see his Myspace and read more about him as well as listen to and buy his music at,, and several other sites on the internet. ITunes has Wátina and two other Andy Palacios CDs and YouTube has several videos. For even more, check out the links in this Google search.

I would really be interested in what you true music buffs (Bob, David, others?) think about this music.

Mañana (meaning some day other than today, haha), I'm going to tell you about a Honduran Garífuna singer who I like a lot, too.

P.S. for Gail: Buy that CD! I'll buy it from you when you come.
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