October 31, 2007

La Doctora Gringa

dog vaccinesLook at the size of that needle!

Today was another first for me.

Chloe the Rottweiler is way past due for her shots and we don't have a car in which to take her to the veterinarian. Yesterday we took the little chihuahua pups in to the vet for their vaccinations. We have a pet travel bag so it was no problem taking them in the taxi, but what taxi driver would allow us to load a Rottweiler into the back seat? Yeah, right.

I explained our dilemma to the vet and asked if he thought we could give her the shots. He explained very briefly how to do it and off we went.

I think it is not that uncommon for many Hondurans to give their animals shots because you can buy what you need at an agropecuaria (farm feed store). Not so with this gringa! I don't even like to watch. The vet laughs at me when I'm holding the dog for him crying "Eeew! Ouch! Oh, no!".

dog vaccinesThe rabies shot was ready to go but the other vaccination came in two bottles. I was supposed to mix the powder with the liquid. At first, I thought, "How do I get that powder up the needle?" Then I remembered that I saw him suck the liquid up the needle and then squirt it into the powder bottle and shake it to mix. That makes more sense! Duh!

El Jefe held Chloe while I pulled up the skin on her shoulder like I saw the vet do. I was afraid to stick the needle in too far, so of course, the first time I just jabbed her and the needle didn't go in at all. I tried again and got it in further but the vaccine wouldn't come out of the needle. It felt like as if I was trying to vaccinate a piece of leather. At that point, I said "You do it" to El Jefe, but he said, "No, YOU do it." So once again, I had to push the needle in further. Poor Chloe!

She was very good about it and has forgiven me. It is amazing the things you can do when you have to!

Sorry − no video! :-)
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