October 23, 2007

La Gringa is falling apart

Look, ma! No teeth!

Yesterday we were eating a late lunch of Tex-Mex soft tacos (flour tortilla folded in half and filled with spicy ground beef, shredded cheese, lettuce, guacamole, and lots of jalapeños), when all of a sudden I felt a crunch.

Knowing there was nothing crunchy in my taco, I was a little startled thinking maybe it was a piece of bone in the ground beef.

So I delicately reached in and pulled out.....part of my tooth! I broke a tooth! It must have already been cracked because I wasn't eating anything hard enough to break a tooth.

This morning we made an emergency trip to the dentist. As soon as she looked in my mouth, she went out to the waiting room to get El Jefe. I knew it was bad news then, because generally she explains things to me directly (in Spanish) and I understand just fine.

The tooth already had such a large filling that now there is nothing to do but get a crown (which she doesn't think will last very long) or an implant. I'm going to have to see the
especialista (specialist) who only comes to La Ceiba from San Pedro Sula once a month.

Just in case you are wondering, it was a molar way in the back, so at least I won't look like a toothless hag for the next four weeks. Hahah. I should have taken a photo of the x-ray for blog accuracy but when you are in the throes of despair it's hard to think about blog photos. The red line on this drawing is approximately how my tooth broke.

Waaahhhh. I've never had any serious dental work like this done before and I'm scared!

Another reason I'm scared is that long ago I had the most vivid dream that all my teeth started falling out. Every time I opened my mouth to talk or even smile, another tooth would fall out. I can only remember two dreams out of a lifetime of dreams and that is one of them. It was just so real that I always thought it was like a vision of the future or something.

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