October 19, 2007

Bye bye Blackie, Rubio, and Niña

Chihuahua puppiesGoing for a prison break

We kept this box in front of the pen so that the pups couldn't get out but mama Zoe could get in to feed them whenever she wanted to. The photo below shows Zoe in the lower right hand corner with Joey and their pups.

Yes, we have a new batch of puppies. Sigh. Call us irresponsible parents. We did everything we could think of to keep Joey and Zoe apart, including keeping one locked up in a pen or keeping them separated with one outside and one inside the house at all times while she was in heat. We were no match for Joey, though. He would fly through open windows (seriously!) and doors.

All that is over now. Joey has been disarmed, deactivated.

Chihuahua puppiesThis is incredible to me, but out of the two litters, a total of eight puppies, seven were male. Three of the eight were black, even though both parents are blond and only one grandparent was black, one was white, and two were blond. Almost all of the pups have Joey's trademark one or two white back toes.

Chihuahua puppiesWe only have the two black puppies left. I call this one Oso (the Bear), because he is a fat rolly-poly little guy and as sweet as a teddy bear. His ears are fully erect already. This photo was taken a couple of weeks ago. I'd like to see him go to a family where the children would baby him. See the white center toes on the back foot?

Chihuahua puppiesThe other one I call Junior because he is an exact replica of his older brother Blackie, both in looks and temperament. Mr. Attitude!

Junior is independent and aggressive and likes to start fights with his brothers, but is the first one to run crying like a baby when one of them turns the table on him. Maybe he acts tough because he was the smallest one. I don't think he would be as good around children as Oso.

Chihuahua puppiesWe still have Uno (number one because didn't think we would have him so long), who is such a sweet dog, but we recently sold Blackie and the latest two blond pups. Uno is eight months old. He's the blond one in this photo with Blackie. He looks so much like Joey that sometimes I have to check underneath (if you know what I mean) to tell who is who.

Chihuahua puppiesUno doesn't want to leave us. Whenever anyone has come to look at the pups, he growls at them so, of course, no one wants to take him. These are the only times that he has ever growled. He doesn't growl when people come over for other reasons so I think he knows why they are there. That is Uno in the back of the bed with Joey and Blackie.

Chihuahua puppiesThis is a photo of Blackie with his new mommy. She is so cute and was happy that Blackie licked her face when she held him like a baby. I think they will be happy together. His new papi travels to Panamá now and then and knows of a pet store that has tons of stuff just for chihuahuas. I think Blackie may get his own tuxedo. ;-)

Chihuahua puppiesIt is really hard selling these pups! Even though we had nine dogs for awhile, El Jefe and I both get very sad every time one leaves. The photo and the little snippet of video below is of Rubio (Blondie) just before he left home. Tell me he doesn't know! Look at that sad face. It looks like he's saying, "Why?"

I'll be posting some more Chihuahua puppy photos....one of these days. If you want to see the photos of the last litter of pups, including a video of the birth, check these out:

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