October 11, 2007

La Gringa loves statistics

Gross National Income per capitaGross National Income per capita for Mexico and Central America
Most of these countries are showing a good steady growth.
Not so for Honduras and Nicaragua. (Click to enlarge.)

La Gringa loves statistics and even more so in a graphic format!

I found an interesting site today, Reuters Foundation AlertNet. The site has an interactive page where you can compare humanitarian statistics in graph format for up to nine countries. Most of the stats can only be compared for the years 2000 to 2004, but hopefully they will update it to include more recent years.

I selected Mexico and the seven Central American countries to compare. When you select a graph on the Reuters site, you can mouse over the bars to see the actual numbers. You won't be able to do that with these images and you'll probably need to click to open them larger in a new window.

Here are a few interesting charts:

Landline phones − Wow! Look at Costa Rica:

Cell phone use − no surprise here:

Internet use is exploding, especially Costa Rica and Mexico:

Percentage of population under 15. By comparison, many of the developed nations range around 20% for this category. Some of these 2002 numbers look suspect. I'm not sure how some of those countries could show a big decrease in this statistic for one year only.

The site has dozens of charts to select from. Check it out.
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