October 29, 2007

Did you miss Chloe's video?

Chloe, Rottweiler/Doberman, La Ceiba, HondurasSad eyes means "let me inside"

Yesterday's blog, Home Newspaper Delivery, included a video of Chloe bringing the newspaper to me. I didn't mention the video and video doesn't come through on the email subscriptions, so if you missed it, click on the article title linked above to go to the blog.

Here is a tip for those who
have trouble playing videos: If you have an old computer like me and/or slow connection, and the videos don't play so well on blogs, open the YouTube site in a separate tab or window by clicking on "YouTube" in the lower right corner of the video. When the video starts downloading, click on pause, go off and do other things for 5 or 10 minutes. When you come back to that tab, the video will be downloaded and the red play line should be all the way across. Click play and it will play smoothly.

If you would like to see all of my silly videos, go to user Lagringalaceiba at YouTube.

Spanish tip: What is the Spanish word for 'video'? Video! I love those easy ones. It is pronounced 'vi-day-oh.'

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