October 9, 2007

La Gringa can't keep up!

Google only counts to 1,000 and then says "What's the point?"

I can't keep up with my favorite blogs even reading with Google Reader. I have more than 300 blogs arranged in folders like Honduras, Central America, Chickens, Cooking, Gardening, Technology, and then, so it will be at the top, "aaa-favorites." One by one aaa-favorites has increased to about 40 blogs and I can barely even get through those.

I've found that I tend to read the blogs which are updated less frequently. I don't know if it makes any sense or not, but I look at the list, see a blog that has one or two new entries, and think "Oh, I can catch up on that one." Maybe it speaks to my sense of "neatness" as in that blog is "checked off" the list, completed! At least for a time. On the other hand, I look at the ones with 30 entries and just feel overwhelmed.

One disadvantage to reading on Google Reader is that I'm less likely to click through to the blog to make a comment. When I do click through, though, I think I enjoy the blog more because I get the "feel" and look of the blog and like to read the comments, all of which is part of the experience.

I know that 300+ blogs is more than most mere mortals can handle, but how many blogs do you try to keep up with and how do you do it? How many blogs do you think is a reasonable number to try to keep up with? And how do you decide which ones stay and which ones go?

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