December 20, 2006

Teachers will ask for a loan for Pinpon

The teachers have made a decision. In the next few days they are are going to turn to the Secretary of State to ask for a loan for "Pinpon," Rafael Pineda Ponce's nickname from his Poder Ciudadano (Citizen Power) presidential campaign. (See background articles Let them eat cake and Hondurans work for free.)

The following is (roughly) translated from La Prensa:
President of the teacher's group, Sergio Rivera, qualifies the negligence of the government as una grosería (a rudeness?). He says the teachers don't have credit anywhere anymore, not even their corner pulperías (small neighborhood grocery stores).

With this inhuman attitude the only thing the government will achieve is that the teachers will be obligated to take to the streets.

Furthermore, Rivera considers it like a joke with bad taste that Minister of Education Pineda Ponce, who has lived on the state for almost all of his life, scoffs at the needs of the teachers to declare that those who are hungry and don't have food should drink water.

Considering that Pineda Ponce, who aspires to be president of this country, recommended to us to ask for borrowed money, Rivera said that they will visit the Secretary of State to appeal to his great heart and his juicy salary that comes punctually, that he make loans to the teachers who have worked all year and today have nothing to eat.
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