December 1, 2006

Oh, happy day!

The 'Happy Day' picture above is from Bruski Bibs

A new maid!

This is a red letter day for me! Whoopee! I have a new maid. She's a Garífuna lady from Corozal, a small Garífuna village outside La Ceiba. I found her through a friend N., whose maid had a friend looking for work. A funny story is that my neighbor S. tried to steal her away before I even met her.

N. said that she would ask her maid to bring the woman and that IF (big if) she showed up, my friend would drive her over. Well, I forgot to turn on my phone this morning, so N. called S. the neighbor to try to relay a message to me. My neighbor's maid hasn't shown up for 3 days and she thinks her maid quit, so she tried to steal this one away from me!

Luckily my friend pitied me more than the neighbor and wouldn't allow it. I don't blame S. I would have done the same thing. We are shameless that way. It is THAT hard to find women who want to work in La Ceiba.

Gosh, I hope she comes back on Monday. You just never know.

Oh, and the best part: She's supposed to be a pretty good cook. I usually do the cooking here, but she's going to teach me how to make sopa de caracol (conch soup).
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