December 6, 2006

Day 4: Maid situation

Day 4: No show

So, let's have a poll.

Let me give you some background:

She had hinted about having babysitter problems on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but when I asked her if she wanted to work part-time (which I would prefer), she insisted that she needed a full-time job.

Her payday was to be on the 15th and 31st. Normally we pay workers the day they leave, if we know they are leaving. If they quit on the spur of the moment and we don't have the cash, we usually tell them to come back on Saturday, which is the normal payday for weekly workers. She wasn't scheduled to work on Saturdays.

1. She will come tomorrow and act like nothing happened.

2. She will come tomorrow and be very angry with me that I expected her to come to work everyday and will start slamming dishes and things around to prove it.

3. She will come tomorrow crying about the terrible emergency that prevented her from coming to work.

4. She will come tomorrow, work, ask for her pay and an advance on next week's pay (due to the emergency). Then we will never hear from her again.

5. She will come on Friday to pick up her pay and the work clothes that she left here.

6. She will come on the 15th to pick up her pay and work clothes that she left here.

7. She will call with an explanation. (Trust me, this one is not bloody likely.)

8. Someone else will come to pick up her pay and work clothes and tell me that she is deathly ill and can no longer work.

9. We will never hear from her again. (This one is not bloody likely either, since we owe her two days pay.)

So which scenario is your best guess?

Sorry if I sound hard-hearted. I've become that way. I was a different person when I moved here. We have experienced every one of the scenarios above, even number 9, except that that time we only owed her about 75 lempiras and she had stolen items valued well more than that.

I think I've heard every 'emergency' story that is possible to dream up. And, I have fallen for several and lent money several times. No more!

Saga continued from Day 3 and to Day 5.
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