December 3, 2006

Has La Gringa overlooked her tortilla payment?

I received an email from "staff" with this subject:

"Payment notice from Tortillas Melissa"

What?! Is this a new high tech online tortilla scam? Being 48% cynical, as shown in the lower sidebar, I immediately thought: Only in Honduras would con artists try to scam you into believing you hadn't paid your tortilla bill.

Well, first of all, I don't buy tortillas. I make my own. Second, I don't know anyone in Honduras who would sell tortillas on credit. Third, I doubt there are many online tortilla sellers in Honduras. Fourth, even if I did buy tortillas, and even if I did get them on credit, I ALWAYS pay my bills.

Intrigued, I opened the email to find that it was good news. It was a notice that Melissa, one of my Kiva loan recipients, had made her first loan payment of $50 (L. 945). That's pretty good. She just received the loan October 29th. She must be selling lots of tortillas.

This is Melissa making tortillas.

Then I received another email regarding a $50 payment from Comedor Maria. So far, so good!

You can read more about Melissa and the other recipients I selected by going to the above link and clicking on their names. To view all the current Kiva loan applicants in need, go here. Your $25 can change someone's life. :-)
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