December 18, 2006

Our first egg

Our first egg! December 17, 2006

Well, it is exciting to us anyway. Conchita was the first to provide us with an egg yesterday. I like the brown color. The shell was nice and firm so I guess the chickens are eating properly. I've read that sometimes the first ones have soft shells.

It looks like a good size − but my hands aren't that big. This is her egg alongside a normal large grocery store egg.

That's great, but look where she put it:

Right in the flower pot on the glass table on the terraza. And first she scratched out my plants and most of the dirt in that area of the pot. What a bad girl. Well, it isn't really her fault. Chickens growing up in a dog pen can get confused. We need to get that coop and nesting box made soon.

Actually, we think it is the first egg, but for all we know there may be eggs laying all over the garden.

Today she was back on the table again but this time with Ramona. She seemed to be showing her a good spot to lay eggs. Then later on she was checking out the big flower pot on the front porch.

Update 8:30 a.m.: I heard a bunch of squawking on the terraza. Found another egg! The girls are on a roll here.
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