December 7, 2006

Day 5: Maid situation

Day 5: No show.

Most of the readers selected option 3 in yesterday's poll. Sorry, you are now out of the running, but feel free to make a second guess.

On a brighter note, Orlin, our water delivery man, has brought me a name and telephone number of someone he says is looking for work. A few weeks ago, we were talking and it occurred to me that since he delivers water to many houses and probably talks with the maids in most, he might know of someone, or the other maids might know of someone who wants a job.

I offered him a reward if he could find someone who would stay longer than 3 months. I feel a little guilty. The challenge motivated him, but I know that my chances of having to pay up are slim.

On the down side, he said she quit her last job because the dueña (homeowner) was too demanding − Could that be like she expected her to come to work everyday?.....

P.S. I'll be posting something more interesting later. I just didn't want to leave you in suspense regarding the daily saga of the maid.

See also part one, Day 3, and part two, Day 4.
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