December 4, 2006

Future grandmother to give birth to quintuplets

That is a translated headline from La Prensa today.

The doctors at Hospital Mario Rivas are preparing for two cesarean births in the next few days. There is nothing unusual about cesareans − based on the number of Honduran women I've met, I would guess that, at least here in the city of La Ceiba, cesarean births outnumber natural births by about 9 to 1!

I don't understand the reason that the rate would be so high, except perhaps the first time is for the convenience (or pay) of the doctor and after the first cesarean, the rest have to be delivered that way. Out in the country babies are most often delivered by midwives.

Anyway − What is so unusual about these two pregnancies? One mother is expecting triplets and the other is expecting quintuplets. What else is so unusual? After these births, each woman will be the mother of 12 children!

"La afortunada," (the fortunate one), as the newspaper called her, who will have quintuplets, is shown in the photo below:

Las Prensa, Honduras, December 4, 2006

She is 36 years old, but looks about 50, probably due to a hard life. She has 7 daughters, the oldest of whom, at 17, is already pregnant and will give birth by the end of this month also.

The proud father of quintuplets hopes that most of them will be boys. Of course! They are going
to need some additional bread winners in a family of 15. He is an agricultural worker so probably makes less than L. 2,000 per month ($106. US).

I'm categorizing this article under "injustices" − not so much for the parents, but for the children.

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