December 31, 2006

Interesting links, December 31

We've been busy lately. El Jefe is designing a chicken coop (article to come, I'm sure) and I've been busy helping (with my vast knowledge of chicken coops − thanks to Google) and busy .... well, being sick and lazy. I am feeling better now for those of you who have asked − and thanks for asking!

Here are a few things I've been reading lately. Some shocking, some fun, all interesting.

Downright Terrifying Bus robberies aren't such a unusual experience in Honduras but a few weeks ago, one of the luxury buses was hijacked to a deserted country road. The passengers were stripped of their clothes and robbed by gunmen armed with shotguns. The author of the Andiamo Log blog tells of his firsthand experience as a passenger the bus. It's a long article, the first half of which tells of his sailboat almost being wrecked by a careless dock worker in La Ceiba. The second half relates the bus hijacking. (You'll get a "Forbidden" notice accusing you of being a spammer when you click the link. Just click "bypass this message", and it will let you in.)

Melanie is a Peace Corps volunteer in the small town of Concepción Sur, Honduras, teaching AIDS/HIV prevention. This article is a summary of the highlights and lowlights of her year and a half Peace Corps experience to date. Some funny stuff there.

Spanglish is pretty common, both here and in the USA, and both from Gringos and Latinos. 'Engrish' was a new one to me. devotes itself to making fun of Japanese stores and products that didn't quite check their English translation or use it an appropriate way. AND, before you start thinking, "Not politically correct!," the site is not making fun of people.

One of my favorites was in the 'Adult' section (adult words, not porn). It was picture of an upscale-looking women's clothing store whose big slogan on the awning is "Make yourself ... f***ing lovely." Check out the 'Recent Discoveries,' too. It's pretty funny.

Happy New Year
to all of you!

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