December 15, 2006

Poor Joey

Chloe and Zoe discussing Joey's strange behavior

Both the female dogs were in heat, with Zoe the Chihuahua being a couple of days behind Chloe the Rottweiler/Doberman. The girls were calm and collected throughout but Joey was a maniac.

He couldn't eat, he couldn't sleep, he couldn't bear to be parted from Chloe. Every time I opened a window or door, he would fly through it to get to her. Chloe loved the attention and companionship as you can tell from her contented expressions in the video.

The Chihuahuas sleep in their own bed in our room at night. During the worst of it, Joey would wake me up during the night and at the break of dawn, frantic to get outside to be with Chloe.

A couple of times a big male dog came around the fence. Chloe was barking her head off and Joey, looking through the window in the front door went absolutely berserk inside the house. He howled at the top of lungs and continually threw himself at the front door as if he could break it down to get out there to protect Chloe. It made me think of a someone in prison seeing his beloved go off with another man, screaming "Noooooooo!" while shaking the prison bars in frustration.

Our water man wants to buy a pup from Chloe and our neighbor has offered to breed her with his big purebred Rottweiler. There is a big market for guard dogs, but I'm just not ready for 12-16 giant puppies during rainy season. Maybe next time.

But you don't have to feel sorry for Joey anymore. Zoe finally enticed him and we had connection about four times a day for three days. So, I guess we'll be having Chi puppies around Valentine's day.

Chihuahuas usually only have two to four pups so that will be much more manageable. They also are more unusual here and sell for a good price. The second and third photo show Zoe when she was two months old.

In the meantime, I'm feeding Joey scrambled eggs every day to build up his strength again. He is absolutely skin and bones from this ordeal.
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