October 9, 2006

Ping Tung long eggplant

I wrote about this Ping Tung long eggplant in August. It has been so good to us. Planted the first week of May, it is still going strong, even though I have never fertilized it. We are still getting about half a dozen or so fruits every week. Imagine my horror when I saw this damage.

The caterpillar poopoo made it easy to find the culprits. I managed to get this photo before I squished every one of these bad guys and there was a bunch of them.

I spent two hours on the internet trying to identify this caterpillar coming up with nada (nothing). When they have that voracious an appetite, my policy is kill first and ask questions later. If you know that it is the larvae of some rare endangered butterfly, please don't tell me.
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