October 14, 2006


Sometimes the simplest thing can make me so happy. I found these pickles at an import store and, boy, are they yummy. Kosher petite dills. Crisp, garlicky, very sour. I can't eat just one (as they say in the commercials).

I hesitated to buy them at L.105 ($5.55 U.S.) for 46 oz. (1.36 l.) What would this jar cost in the U.S.? I'm guessing about $3 U.S. Oh well, they are worth it. I hope the store continues to carry them. I think I should go back and buy two or three more jars before they run out.

Pickles are not a rarity here. But there is usually only one or maybe two varieties in the grocery stores and they are often the big, kind of soggy type. Not that I'm a pickle fanatic or anything even close. I'm sure I've gone months without eating a pickle. It's just that when you do without something you were used to having whenever you wanted, you tend to appreciate it more. That's a good thing.

And these are very good pickles. I highly recommend them. If you want to try them, they probably came from WalMart. That is where most of our import store items come from. I know because they carry the WalMart brands and sometimes pack your purchases in WalMart bags.

The Spanish word for pickles is pepinillos, which I tend to confuse with the Spanish word for cucumbers, which is pepinos. People have a good laugh when I tell them, as I sometimes mistakenly do, that I am growing pepinillos in my garden.
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