October 4, 2006

Eeeeeeek!!! It's a mouse!

El Jefe disturbed this little guy while he was mowing the grass. El Jefe was mowing the grass, that is, not the mouse. He tried to catch it, and of course couldn't, so he called in the big guns: Chloe the Rotten Rottweiler to the rescue.

In no time Chloe captured and killed it. Let me tell you she was pretty proud of herself. So proud that she felt entitled to a big hug from me. Since she is as tall as I am when she's standing up, it's not one of my favorite things.

This is the first mouse we've seen here. I think the workers who cleaned the lot next door (first time in more than a year) must have disturbed its nest.

I was safely inside in front of my computer through all of this and only went out to take the picture. I remember reading
My Life in Chacala's experience of finding a rat in her kitchen in Mexico and thinking, "Thank God we don't have any rodents around here." Now every time I hear a noise, I'm going to be wondering....

That is sawdust all over the mouse. A result of his/her last struggle for life in the mulch. Sorry, I wasn't about to clean it up for the picture. If that makes me a lesser blogger, so be it.

Mmmm, doesn't that lawn look nice?
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