October 11, 2006

Google searches

Google Analytics tells me what people were searching for when they found my site. That's a good thing, because then I have a better idea of what people are interested in (a lot of weather and mangosteens besides the expected gardening and Honduras information). Sometimes the information helps me to come up with ideas for articles. Sometimes it's just oddball stuff, like "love," "Dijon mustard expiration dates," or "eggplant tongue itch."

I had a good laugh yesterday when I saw that someone in Nigeria was searching for "I am looking fresh emails aol.com and myway.com". I guess all his old ones are stale. Google listed La Gringa on the search and he visited the blogicito.

Is it possible that he picked up the email addresses from
La Gringa's lucky week? Oh, how funny! Just what I hoped for. Now the scammers will be sending each other scams.

Hahaha! Revenge is sweet.
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