October 6, 2006

Day 2: Chickens

I've been putting the dogs inside and letting the chickens outside to do their chicken thing for a while each day.

Here's a picture of the chicks at work. The juice can is to give a better idea of their size.

We had a scare with the chickens yesterday. I went outside to put them back into their pen after their free range period and they both flew off. Ramona flew up into a tree. I found a stick with a sort of handle on the end and was able to coax her onto the stick and remove her from the tree.

Little Ramón the rooster flew off and landed on a big pile of rocks. By the time I put Ramona away and went back, I couldn't find him.
We looked and looked, even bringing the dogs out to help us locate them. Nothing. The dogs seemed upset that Ramón had escaped and were looking frantically for him. Whether it was to bring him back or eat him, I'm not sure.

I put Ramona in her pen on the terraza and brought the all the dogs inside for the evening, hoping that Ramón would come to find her since they are very close. Nothing again.

Later on, I took Chloe the Rottweiler out again to try to locate him. She went directly to the pile of rocks and started whining and scratching at the rocks. You know − just like Lassie used to do. I put Chloe back inside but I still couldn't see him or coax him out. I was fearing that the worst had happened to him.

When El Jefe came home, he started removing some of the big rocks from the pile. With a flashlight, we finally could see Ramón in hiding. Oh, I was so happy! Poor thing, he had been outside hiding in those rocks for 7 hours. He was really hungry and Ramona seemed happy to see him come home to the pen.

This is Zoe, satisfied that our chicks are back where they belong.

P.S. I'm posting this on Day 3 and they are still fine and are starting to eat out of my hand. Hooray!
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