October 20, 2006

Google me

I love Google. Searches, images, maps, Gmail, everything Google.

I have this neat thing called Google Analytics. It tells me all sorts of stuff, half of which means nothing because I don't have advertisements on my blog. But the other stuff is interesting. For example, I know that I have had visitors from
71 countries and every state in the U.S. except Wyoming. Does that qualify as world famous? Know anyone in Wyoming?

Google tells me the questions to which readers need answers. Sometimes I was "spot on" as the Brits say. I had the answer "nailed" as the North Americans say. But I always feel kind of bad when I see that Google sent someone here and I know they didn't find their answer. So, better late than never, here are some answers:

La gringa means 'the foreign woman,' particularly of the North American or British type. El gringo means the same only it is speaking of a man.

El Jefe means 'the boss.' In the context of this blogicito, it's a term of endearment, not a job title. Also, since this is a macho society, you know that the men always have to be in charge, right? ;-D My El Jefe is cien por ciento Catracho (100% Honduran) and he's the biggest fan of my blog because he knows that I tell the truth, even when it isn't very flattering to his country. I like a man with a sense of humor.

No, you don't have to take the seeds out of eggplant before you eat it. I don't even know how you could. Don't make work for yourself when it isn't necessary.

I guess that you start a citrus grove by planting citrus trees.

If your eggplant won't fruit, the weather probably isn't warm enough or the plant isn't getting enough sun. I haven't fertilized mine so I don't think fertilizer would be your problem. If it looks wilted, water it. (Sorry, this one is probably too late.)

Pick your papayas when they begin to show patches of yellow . Wait longer if you don't have a problem with birds. Don't wait until they are completely yellow because they will be overripe. (I hope I'm not too late here.)

Once and for all, mangosteen is not illegal to grow or to eat in the U.S. It's only illegal to import the fruit from certain countries because of the risk of importing insects to the U.S.

If your taro is drooping, it probably needs more water. These plants like a lot of water and often grow in drainage ditches or swamps here.

As for "Dijon mustard expiration dates," "love," "peace corps and Belize," "dubai uruguay," and "eggplant tongue itch," sorry, you are on your own there, although I do appreciate the vote of confidence from Google. ;-)
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