October 25, 2006

Graciela's loan was funded

Graciela's loan was 100% funded as of 9:20 p.m. One Hondureña family's life is going to be a little bit better. Isn't that great? I have no way of knowing if it was La Gringa readers but it is done, so I'm happy. So I'm going to remove her badge from my sidebar and hope that the other two, Maria and Agosto, can get their loans funded now.

I didn't mention in the previous article that Kiva also sells gift cards that you can buy for someone who then can go to the website and select a recipient for the loan funds. That sounded to me like a neat idea for teens. I can just imagine how some teens would be really shocked to find out that $100 (maybe the amount that they spent on their cellphone or tennis shoes?) could change someone's life. Just an idea.
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