June 30, 2010

Today's contradictory headlines

La Prensa,El Tiempo - Honduras

La Prensa: Reincorporan Honduras al SICA— Sistema de Integración Centroamericano (Honduras returns to SICA — Central American System of Integration)

El Tiempo: Honduras sigue fuera de la SICA (Honduras continues outside of SICA)

Proceso Digital interviewed the Secretary General of SICA, Juan Daniel Alemán who said today that Honduras is a full member of the regional entity "and that they never stopped being one." Alemán said, "Honduras was never expelled."

Spanish online news ADN also quotes Alemán as saying, "Honduras es miembro del SICA, nunca ha sido expulsado, nunca ha sido suspendido", subrayó. Honduras is a member of SICA, it has never been expelled, it has never been suspended.)

Inside the issue, El Tiempo backtracks and admits that Honduras will be permitted to participate in SICA meetings, and cleverly writes:
El secretario general del SICA, Juan Daniel Alemán, consideró que la medida "es un paso en la dirección correcta" tras la expulsión de Honduras por el golpe de Estado contra el ex mandatario Manuel Zelaya en junio de 2009.
The unobservant reader might think that Sr. Alemán also said "after the expulsion of Honduras for the coup d'etat against ex-President Manual Zelaya en June 2009", when in fact Alemán's quote stops after "it is a step in the right direction."

El Tiempo is the only newspaper that the Resistance trusts and they frequently comment that they won't read the other 'golpista' newspapers. I guess El Tiempo was overcome by their eagerness to report bad news about Honduras.


Just as an aside, I'm also curious why Tiempo used the feminine article 'la', while La Prensa used 'al' (a contraction for 'a el'). Sistema is one of those oddball words that although it ends with an 'a', it is a masculine noun, as are many words that end with 'ma' and some others like mapa (map).

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