June 24, 2010

More intromission by US Ambassador Llorens and G-16

Hugo Llorens and Pepe Lobo BFF
US Ambassador to Honduras, Hugo Llorens, has summoned the members of the Supreme Court of Honduras to a meeting today with representatives of the G-16 in the US Embassy. The supposed theme of the meeting was 'how the G-16 could collaborate to improve the effectiveness of the judicial system'. The summons and the meeting agenda are included below. Click to open the images and then click again to expand them for reading.

Hugo Llorens and Pepe Lobo BFFThe item 'Varios' (various) at the end of the agenda refers to the intention to force the justices to look for a way that Mel Zelaya can return to Honduras with complete impunity, without submitting to justice for his financial crimes of corruption.

Today, I heard that the current Minister of Finance has stated that there is an estimated L. 13 BILLION in unaccounted for and misused government funds from Zelaya's administration. When are these countries going to admit that they jumped the gun and backed the wrong horse in the Honduran crisis.

Honduran civil society considers Llorens' conduct a grave intromission into the internal matters of Honduras, as well as a display of lack of respect for the judges. They have also demanded that Llorens' actions during the past year be investigated by the Truth Commission.

Can you imagine the embassy of any other country summoning the members of the US Supreme Court to a meeting, not only summoning them, but providing an agenda in which they are expected to defend themselves? An absolutely incredible lack of respect for the sovereignty of Honduras.

The Spanish Ambassador has already told the media that the judges must reverse their decision about the firing of certain judges who violated the laws of conduct required of judges. Hugo Llorens (US Ambassador), other countries, President Pepe Lobo, and the National Congress of Honduras have all put extreme pressure on the court to reverse their decision, in clear violation of the separation of powers of state.

Union Civíca Democrática has previously demanded that the Supreme Court make public the report of the Inspector General of the Judicial Branch that served as the legal basis for the judges’ dismissal, so that the world can know that the dismissals were justified. Last month and on several other occasions, they have strongly denounced the internal and external interference in the court.

Hugo Llorens and Mel Zelaya BFFI don't have verifiable information, but it is widely rumored that hundreds of millions of US dollars in aid funds are being withheld from bankrupt Honduras until these actions are taken (impunity for Zelaya and his crew and reversal of the decision to fire the judges).

Someone please tell me why the United States of America is on the side of impunity and corruption?

Let me be perfectly frank in saying that the Honduran Justice System desperately needs to be improved. There is no justice in Honduras for the average man. However, one thing that they don't need any help with is freeing corruptos and granting impunity to 'important' persons. They have that mastered already. Zelaya's cases may be among the first in which the judicial system has stood firm for what is right. Shame, shame, shame on the hypocritical USA and G-16.

The court met today and authorized its president, Jorge Rivera Aviles to attend the meeting. The other judges will not be attending.

Page 1, the 'invitation'

US Ambassador Hugo Llorens memo to Honduras Supreme Court justicesPage 2, the agenda

US Ambassador Hugo Llorens memo to Honduras Supreme Court justices page 2
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