June 29, 2010

Zelaya: "The US was behind the coup d'etat"

Telesur video of Mel Zelaya on the anniversary of his ouster.

Update: Embedding of this Telesur video was causing problems on this blog so I had to uninstall it. You can view this video here.

Zelaya claims to be able to "categorically affirm" that the United States was behind his ouster. He also claims that the US "practically prohibited" him from having a relationship with Hugo Chávez, Evo Morales, Rafael Correa, and ALBA. He says that the US is intervening in Honduras, one thing that he and I agree upon.

But oddly enough, he seems to be more incensed about the fact that Roberto Micheletti has been on television recently than he is about anything else.

"The elections were totally fraudulent ... zzzzzz .... Lobo is doing nothing for reconciliation .... zzzz .... the US is causing great damage to Latin American democracy... zzzzzzz ... they are trying to divide the Latin American pueblos ... zzzzz .... the US State department is trying to hide their involvement in the coup d'etat .... zzzzzz .... "

If you can't view the video here, you'll have to go to Chávez-controlled Telesur and click 'mas videos' to look for the Zelaya video. I haven't figured out a way to direct link to a Telesur video.

The video is in Spanish and I am so sorry for those of you who don't understand it. This is Zelaya at his finest.

Update: Channel 3 news tonight reported that US Ambassador Hugo Llorens called Zelaya's charge "absurd" in an official statement issued by the Embassy.
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