June 5, 2010

Newborn baby needs blood in La Ceiba

A new-born baby in La Ceiba needs A-negative blood. If any of you have that type of blood, I hope that you will go to the Red Cross to donate in the name of Arexy Yamilet Lamberth, ID #0208-1989-01093. A Honduran doctor in the US also told me that O-negative blood could be used.

The baby had surgery to repair a blocked intestine and has been living for 8 days only by IV. The doctor now says that the baby is anemic and needs blood. I don't even know if that treatment makes sense.

Continuing the saga of Arexy's baby: I called Arexy last night and her spirits seemed good. She said the baby was doing well, but also said that he had a little fever. She was pleased that the nurse was putting cold compresses on him. I certainly hope they were doing more than putting cold compresses on him, since fever is a sign of infection. She also said that she had been told that she would be able to breast feed him on Sunday. That is 10 days without breast milk. I hope that is the right thing.

El Jefe called her this morning and she again said that everything was fine. However a little while later she called back to say that she had been told that the baby needs A-negative blood because he is a little anemic. She had been to the Red Cross and they don't have any.

The hospital has been sending this poor woman all over town to try to find drugs and blood. She's been to the Red Cross and both of the big private hospitals. Hospital D'Antoni sold her something else that they said she could use instead. I have no idea what this is, but Arexy is waiting to talk to the doctor about it.

We aren't that blood type, so I have been posting on Facebook and Twitter, as well as to our Honduras Living expatriate group to ask for donors. I'm really lost as to the procedures, but we were told that the donation should be made in the name of Arexy Yamilet Lamberth (ID #0208-1989-01093). If any of you know whether any more information is required or what the procedures are, please let me know. I'm being told that the mother has to go pick up the blood and take it to the hospital! What about keeping it cold?

I wrote about the baby and how he almost died from negligence of the doctors at Hospital Atlantida.

Please help if you can! If you do donate, please let me know ASAP so that I can let the mother know that the blood is there.

Right now, we are going to the hospital to see what we can find out from the doctor himself. This is crazy trying to figure out what is going from Arexy. She has no idea and may not even be accurately repeating what the doctor said.

Follow up article on Saturday night.
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