July 4, 2010

Honduras Blogs

Honduras Blogs

Have you visited Honduras-Blogs yet?

We have a new blog network site that you are going to love if you are interested in Honduras and what Catrachos and expatriates in Honduras are blogging about.

We are in the process of contacting all of the Honduras bloggers that we can find so that we can introduce their blogs to you. So far we've found about 150 blogs, but haven't been able to find email addresses for many of them yet and we are waiting patiently for the other bloggers to respond.

It's amazing but it is like pulling teeth to get bloggers to write about their own blogs! I haven't even written the Blogicito introduction yet because I've been so busy contacting bloggers and translating the Spanish introductions to English.

If you are one of those bloggers who has been holding back, please check out what we need from you:

Add your blog

Añadir su blog [Esp.]

Honduras-Blogs can only be successful if we all work together to make it so. So don't be shy, send in your introduction now!

One of the greatest things about Honduras Blogs is that it is bilingual. Almost everything is presented in both Spanish and English.

Latest articles

The lower part of the front page (click the large down button near the top) has an automated feed which includes a snippet of the latest article from each of the Honduras bloggers (about 90 so far). It is updated almost instantly as new posts occur throughout Honduras. This is a terrific place to scan through the recent articles and click over to the blogs you want to read more from.

Since these feeds come in their original language, we provide in our sidebar two translators so that you can translate the snippets to Spanish or to English with one click. I hope that those of you who aren't bilingual will try that. I think you will be amazed at what you find. It may widen your view about Honduras and the people in it!

Searching for blogs

Additionally, the category lists provide a way to search for blogs by your areas of interest (topics, location, language, nationality of blogger). There is an incredible variety of Honduras Blogs, focusing on everything from everyday life to science to religion to high-tech to poetry to politics to sports.

This site is going to be your one stop shopping site for Honduras blogs. Please visit Honduras-Blogs and check back often to see what Honduras bloggers are writing about!

Follow Honduras Blogs

Please also follow Honduras-Blogs on Twitter, Facebook, and/or Networked Blogs on Facebook. Add it to your feed reader if you use one, bookmark it, or sign up for daily email updates. And please don't forget to leave a comment for the bloggers. Nothing encourages bloggers like reader comments.

I hope that you enjoy Honduras Blogs and find it useful. Please let us know what you think or any suggestions you might have, either here or over there.


Bloggers and Blogueros: Please send your introductions to Honduras Blogs! Please also feel free to use any part of the above article if you would like to write your own blog article about Honduras-Blogs.
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