June 27, 2010


Here is something ironic: Google is going to start penalizing "slow" websites in search results (count the Blogicito in!) when it is all the Google crap (Google search, analytics, adsense, gadgets, translator, etc.) that causes the sites to slow down!

Thankfully, they said it would only affect about 1% of the websites. What's that? Only about 10 million sites or so?

Google, I love you but that's not fair!

Not only that, but I tested the Blogicito, and guess where most of my errors and little HTML "illegalities" come from? You guessed it! From Google and (Google's) Blogger stuff that they put in my template that I have no control over.

Even so, no matter how Google abuses me, I can't live without Google. I am a Google everything addict. I saw the title of an article "How to get Google out of your life" and it made my heart pound. I can't. I won't.

Google Search, Blogger, Feedburner, Google Reader, Google Docs, Google Images, Gmail, Google Translate, Picasa, Google Earth, Google Alerts, Google Books, Google Calendar, Google Toolbar, Google Page Rank, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, ......OMG! If Google goes down, so do I!

P.S. No, I'll admit that it's not really all Google's fault. I do like my junk on the Blogicito. I figure it is all useful to someone.
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