June 14, 2010

Baby is recovering

Arexy's baby

Continuation of the saga of a newborn baby started here.

Baby had his second surgery on Saturday. Arexy sounded very tired and wasn't very talkative so I didn't have much news to report. I hope that she was just tired and not that she didn't want to talk about her worries.

Yesterday and today we talked to her again. She sounded much better and says that the doctor has said that the baby is in delicate condition but doing okay. The doctor raged about Hospital Atlántida allowing Dr. Azcona to do surgery on the baby in La Ceiba when (according to the San Pedro doctor) he does not know what he is doing.

The doctor said that the baby's intestines were leaking into his body, hence the huge amount of liquid that spurted out of the baby when the tube was finally inserted properly. He said a strange thing that I don't understand: He said that the baby's butt and leg were "getting hard". I don't know what that means or whether that condition has alleviated since the second surgery.

I suggested that she ask the doctor if he was going to file a formal denuncia against Dr. Azcona because he is the only one who can document the negligence. I know that Arexy will never ask him and I'm 100% sure that the doctor won't do it, so this doctor will continue to harm patients and butcher babies.

It isn't enough to rage about doctors harming or killing patients, but that is what happens here in Honduras. Anyone who knows that doctors or nurses are incompetent and does nothing about it is just as guilty in my opinion. It is time to stop worrying about someone's pride or reputation and start worrying about the lives lost. It is time to stop hiding the dirty secrets and do something about it!

Arexy doesn't know how long the baby will be in the hospital but the doctor has told her that he will not send him back to Hospital Atlántida for recuperation, thank God! I was prepared to hire an attorney to protect the baby's rights if that was even hinted at. I should be looking around for an attorney anyway since Dr. Azcona will probably sue me for bringing to light what he has done. I think a human rights investigation is in order.

It sounds like Arexy's breast milk is starting to dry up and she won't be able to feed the baby until tomorrow or Wednesday (5 days after his second surgery). They have a milk bank at the San Pedro hospital and I urged Arexy to go there, that maybe they could help her, show her what she needs to do. I hope it isn't too late. She promised she would go there today, but when I talked to her about noon, she hadn't been there yet. She promised again that she would go. This is really crucial because she could never afford to buy baby formula without help, and knowing her, she would cut corners, use powdered milk or rice water and the baby would end up malnourished.

Baby does not have a name yet. The baby's father wanted one name and Arexy's father wanted another, so she couldn't decide. I think that shows a little about her personality. The baby's father is really not so much in Arexy's life or the baby's, sad to say.
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