June 16, 2010

A tragic ending to the baby story

Arexy's baby died today. I don't have any details. We were called by Arexy's sister-in-law who said that Arexy needed financial help to bring the baby back to La Ceiba for burial. J is buying a little casket right now and we are going to pick them up in San Pedro. Arexy was going to bring him on the bus.

When we talked to Arexy last night, she was doing very well and she thought that the baby was also. She had promised once again that she would go to the breast milk bank today.

Bad things happen, and sometimes there is no one to blame. But this poor little baby never had a chance against the medical incompetence.

Mistake number one was that Hospital Atlántida sent Arexy home with the baby on Friday, May 28, six hours after he was born, even though he would not nurse, had not defecated, and was obviously in distress -- in violation of standard maternity procedures that have been in effect in developed countries for at least 50 years.

Mistake number two was that the emergency room at Hospital Atlántida turned Arexy away on Sunday night, May 30, when she brought the baby back screaming in pain two days after he was born, even though she told them that he had not nursed since he was born.

Mistake number three was that on May 31, the hospital assigned an incompetent surgeon to operate on his tiny little intestine.

Mistake number four was that the tube was not inserted properly into the baby's stomach preventing the toxins from draining from his body and nobody noticed it or did anything about it for 10 days.

Mistake number five was that the hospital waited until June 9, ten days after the botched surgery, to send him to a specialist in San Pedro Sula. Meanwhile, his intestine was leaking into his body.

Throughout the baby's stay at Hospital Atlántida, Arexy was assured that the baby was doing fine. I really don't know how the baby's care or the quality of the surgery was in San Pedro, but Arexy believed that it was much better and more caring than Hospital Atlántida.

I was informed that a gringo charity hospital in Balfate is caring for a child right now whose intestines were also butchered by a doctor at Hospital Atlántida. Coincidence? I think not.
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