April 8, 2008

Sick and sick sense of humor

bantam eggs, Honduras

I haven't mentioned that I'm sick because I don't want to seem to be fishing for get well wishes − though I do love 'em. You can never have too big a pity party when you feel sick, can you? ;-)

I have a bad cold, with a cough that won't quit, a sore throat, fever, and a nose that just won't quit running. Sometimes I just stuff a kleenex in my nose (when El Jefe is not around) and let it hang there. I cough so hard that my ears hurt − I think I'm blowing my brains out my ears. My sneezes are so loud that I fully expect my neighbors from a block away to come to see what the explosion is.

Anyway, in my feverish delirium, it didn't occur to me that anyone would not immediately see the humor in my last silly post.

However, a friend from another part of Honduras read my egg article before the crystal egg article and was afraid that I had received some sort of threat. Yes, crazy things do happen in Honduras and there are those who practice witchcraft.

I am truly sorry if anyone was worried on my behalf! It was just my sick sense of humor (no pun intended) and I hope that no one else was worried about me.
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