April 10, 2008

Send Puffs

cool Kleenex boxGreat new Kleenex box design

They just don't make Kleenex like they used to, do they? Or do we just get inferior Central American quality Kleenex here? Triple hoja, my ---, well, you'll just have to guess what I was going type in there. (Triple hoja = triple sheet) I'm getting one good blow per tissue and sometimes blow right through it.

I've always been a Puffs person. Puffs are much softer and stronger, too. Puffs are the rare find here in La Ceiba however. The grocery stores never carry them. For the past six months or so, the only import store that has them once in a blue moon has only been carrying the lotion impregnated Puffs. I don't like those greasy tissues at all.

Oops, I forgot to even mention that El Jefe has THE cold, too, and kindly shared it with me. We've emptied out about four boxes of tissues so far.

The only redeeming factor of the Kleenex is this new box design (photo above). So cool! I can't tell you how much pleasure it gives me, even though each box only holds about 25 tissues and costs twice as much. I plan to refill it with Puffs if I can ever find some again. Does that sound cheap?
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