April 27, 2008

New wildlife in La Gringa's garden

Honduran turtle, La Ceiba

Chloe was giving her "Intruder! and this time I'm NOT kidding" warning in the front yard. I rushed out to check since it sounded similar to her snake warning bark. This is what I found: A turtle packed tightly away in his shell while one Rottweiler/Doberman and five Chihuahuas went nuts over this new invasion.

I'm sure there are turtles down by the creek but I'm not sure how this one came to be in our garden. I don't think that he would fit under the gates, but that must be how he got in, unless turtles can climb a two-foot or higher concrete wall.

I put him back by the compost for the time being but I think that we need to take him down to the creek. I'd love to see a turtle walking around the garden but I think the dogs would never leave him alone.
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