April 7, 2008

Chicken lays a crystal egg

Mysterious crystal egg, Santa Barbara, HondurasThe engraved crystal egg
All photos: La Prensa, Honduras

La Prensa reported Sunday that the tranquility of the border town of Nueva Frontera, in Santa Barbara, Honduras, was shattered by the announcement that a hen mysteriously died after laying a crystal egg at a nearby chicken farm.

chicken farm, Santa Barbara, HondurasAntonio de Jesús was performing the second egg collection of the day on Thursday when he saw a brilliant object covered with blood. "In a trembling manner, I took the egg with my hands and at one side I saw a dead chicken full of blood." He said that he immediately ran to his patrón (employer) to tell him what happened.

His boss became nervous, even fainted at seeing the egg of crystal. Once they recovered, they took the egg to town to show the owner of the farm, Neptaly Noriega. Word of the egg spread throughout the town like wildfire.

engraved crystal egg, Nueva Frontera, Santa Barbara, HondurasThe egg is etched with the figures of three nesting chickens. No one was sure if the egg was a product of a joke, witchcraft, or good luck. The farm worker assured everyone that the corrals were secure the entire day.

The judge of the town informed La Prensa of the strange occurrence. People from nearby villages have visited the owner's house to view the egg, which is being kept in a sealed plastic jar. Some were afraid to touch it. Some cried and others prayed to God. The owner said that he himself has not touched the egg, but his two sons did and felt strange things, their arms and bodies went to sleep after doing so.

Not all of the people would fit inside the house. There was much praying and a pastor came to preach.

Comments from the villagers:

Miguel Reyes, Judge: The people are afraid and the Noriega family even more. But this egg doesn't mean anything bad, some luck will come to this family. We just need to wait to see what happens.

Lidia Jordán, neighbor: The egg is pretty; it could serve as an adornment. But evil exists and there are things that we don't know where they come from.

Carlos Noriega, cousin: The appearance of the egg is a product of evil.

Irma Ayala, neighbor: I don't believe or not believe....I think it is a question of luck. Many animals advise when they bring luck to the house. The cows vomit a rock.

Neptaly Noriega, farm owner: We don't feel afraid, we leave these things to God and he'll decide what will happen.

Others said that they felt a strange sensation of tingling or itching, being hot, or being afraid after touching the crystal egg.

You can read the (poorly) translated article here.

La Gringa: No comment, but I'm sure those red baby bracelets to ward off the evil eye will be coming out. ;-)

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