April 14, 2008

Anti-immigration immigrants

Taking those dollars where they will go farther?

Why would people who seem to dislike and disdain Hispanic immigrants and the Hispanic culture so much want to immigrate to a Hispanic country? It's hard to figure.

From what little I read of US news, there seems to be a strong anti-immigrant, anti-Hispanic trend in the U.S. to the point of hatred in some cases.

I spend more of my time learning about Honduras, since that is where I live, but my Google News Alerts about Honduras often include articles about immigration. There seems to be such anger among U.S. Americans. I can understand how the war, crime and drugs, and the economy could sour viewpoints, but the anger and hatred are a little mind boggling and spill over on legal immigrants as well.

Oddly, some of those who yell the loudest about 'illegals' move to another country as more and more U.S. citizens are doing. Although big brother surprisingly doesn't keep any reliable statistics, the current broad estimate is that between 4 and 10 million US Americans now live in other countries. Even stranger yet is when some of those angry people move and then violate the immigration and tax laws of their new country. How can they not see that they are living parallel lives with the US immigrants?

For all of its flaws, the United States of America is still the best country in the world to live in. It's too bad that so many who have grown up with that privilege − thanks to their own immigrant ancestors − don't appreciate it but still want to deny that privilege to others.

Those who have those feelings are going to be miserable living anywhere in Latin America. There is no doubt about that! Though I think not true of most, some think they can live in their little gringo enclaves with their gringo friends and be insulated from the rest of the country and its people while still taking advantage of the lower cost of living.

I can only guess that they believe their 'superiority' will be recognized and that their dollars will be so welcome that their neighbors and people with whom they do business will overlook their racism. Sorry! It doesn't work that way. That's about as silly as a Ku Klux Clan member moving to Africa because the cost of living is less.

To many Hispanics, money is less important than pride and tradition. Businessmen will gladly turn them AND their dollars away if they behave like an a$$hole. Their country may be superior, but guess what, they aren't!

Immigration may or may not be the big problem of which people complain in the US. But here's my idea: Instead of the US spending billions of dollars in aid which ends up funding and promoting corruption in other countries, use that money to build schools and hospitals, and hire more police to fix the problems in the U.S.

And, man! If you think the U.S. government is screwed up and corrupt, just wait until you get to your new country where white becomes the new brown. ;-)
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