February 9, 2008

Slumber party

Chihuahua slumber party, La Ceiba, HondurasChihuahua slumber party

Aren't they cute? A puddle of puppies. Some of these boys need a good home. Joey, on the left, is our boy, but his boys need their own home. Four males in the house just won't work.

Oso (the bear) is the larger black one in front. He is a teddy bear, so sweet and cuddly. Katrina wanted to take Oso home with her but she just didn't know how that would work with her starting a new job in a new apartment.
Oso will get along with anyone, children, adults, other dogs.

Chihuahua slumber partyJunior, the black one in back, is called that because he is the spitting image of his older brother Blackie, complete with the attitude. He's the smallest, but the first one to start a fight or grab someone else's treat. He's also the first one to run off crying when one of the others pick on him.

He surprised us last week. A cute young girl came to look at the pups and decided she liked Junior. At first he wanted no part of her, but when I calmed him down and showed her how to hold him, he snuggled up to her neck and even gave her a kiss. Unfortunately, she left to go get the money from her father and never returned. I think that hurt Junior's feelings. Junior will probably do best where he is the center of attention.

Chihuahua slumber party, La Ceiba, HondurasUno (number one) never got a real name because we never knew we would keep him so long (on the right). He's from the first litter. Whenever someone has come to look at puppies, he has growled and even snapped at them. Needless to say, that didn't make him pick of the litter.

It was a total surprise to us because he is never like that with us and is the most obedient of all. Apparently he doesn't want to leave us but I think he'll be much happier in his own home where he can get the attention he deserves and to help build his confidence. The other dogs tend to pick on him and it has made him quite timid. I think Uno will do best where there aren't very young children or other dogs.

Uno's brother Blondie (now with the Italian name Biondo) is doing well in San Pedro. His owners sent us a Christmas greeting with a photo of Blondie wearing his red Christmas sweater and matching collar. He belongs to a little girl who looks to be about 10 and I'm sure that he is spoiled rotten. I wonder if he is now tri-lingual − English, Spanish, and Italian? I love hearing back from people who have gotten a pup from us because I love these dogs!

Chihuahua, San Pedro, HondurasBiondo, San Pedro Sula
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