February 6, 2008

Bathroom instructions, Burger King style

Bathroom instructions, HondurasSign on the back of the bathroom stall door -- Burger King

Special recommendations for the correct use of the bathroom

Esteemed client: For the delicacy and consideration of the person who subsequently makes use of the sanitary service, please follow the following recommendations.

1. Be sure to lock the door with the pin.

2. Please utilize the trash can to place the trash.

3. Descend the handle each time that you utilize the toilet.

4. If in accidental form the seat of the toilet is dirtied, please clean it with toilet paper and to place it in the trash can.

5. Do not smoke, nor throw the cigarette butts in the toilet since it could obstruct the toilet.

6. Do not throw the paper, nor sanitary napkins inside the toilet as it could obstruct the toilet.

7. Assure that you have withdrawn all personal objects before leaving the bathroom.

8. If in the bathroom, you do not find paper or soap or it is dirty, please report it the responsible manager.

NOTE: Your collaboration with these recommendations will permit that the moment that you return to this place, it will also be pleasant.

Thanks for helping us to serve you better.


Yes, this does mean don't flush the toilet paper but throw it in the trash can instead.

So now you know how to use the bathroom.

#9 (La Gringa style) If at all possible, just wait until you get home!

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