February 25, 2008

Hundreds of photos and nothing to show

La Ceiba, Honduras
Whenever I get pressed for time, I look through my photos to see if I can find a quickie to post. I am hundreds and hundreds of photos behind, but unfortunately, most of them require some explanation or research or something so they will just have to wait.

Most of the photos aren't bad and will serve their purpose whenever I get around to writing the article. I did get a laugh out of a few of them, though. I know exactly what I was trying to take a picture of even though some of them are old.

So here is your laugh for the day:

Chicken Photo:

Puppy Photo:

Lizard Photo:

Lizard, La Ceiba, Honduras
Bird Photo:

Oh, and here is what they were supposed to be (when I was able to get a better shot):

Bird Photo:

kiskadee, La Ceiba, Honduras Puppy photo:

Chihuahua, La Ceiba, Honduras
Chicken photo:

Hen and chicks, La Ceiba, Honduras
Oh, and that photo at top: I was taking a picture of the strange red leaved plant − which I later realized was only new leaves that had fallen from another taller tree. But after looking at it closer, am I crazy, or is there a big bird in that photo just above the red leaves in the center?

All I have to say is that I really admire people who can get good wildlife photos.

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