February 23, 2008

Movie and homemade pizza party

La Gringa's baklavaWell, I had to make sure the baklava was okay didn't I?

We are having a movie and pizza party for the family tonight. The house isn't clean, I still need some groceries, all I have prepared is Baklava for dessert and 15 6- and 8-inch partially baked light whole wheat pizza crusts.

La Gringa's homemade pizza crustsMost of this meal came from San Pedro: mozzarella cheese, Italian sausage, pepperoni, whole wheat flour, real butter, walnuts, almonds, and, of course, the phyllo dough. All have been stuffed away in the freezer since last month. Thank you San Pedro Sula!

The family loves pizza, but won't the guests be surprised when they find out that they are going to make their own pizzas! I think the kids will really enjoy that. $100 says that my sister-in-law B will ask for the recipe.

What am I doing on the computer?....


P.S. I think the baklava is going to be a big hit! We'll see.

Temporary glitch: Aaarghhhhhh!

Party review: Thumbs up

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