February 10, 2008

Another failure, boo hoo

cows, Sambo Creek, Honduras
La Gringa got dugg last week. :-D

But it was a big bust and got no attention whatsoever. :-(

Between politics and high tech, Honduras doesn't stand a chance.

Don't know what 'dugg' is? There is this site called Digg, where people submit what they think are the best articles on any range of topics. Then other people discuss it and agree or disagree. For blog authors, getting 'dugg' is a big, big deal.

Getting dugg can mean a thousand visitors a day to your blog, maybe 10,000, maybe 50,000! I got nothin'. Just my regular amount of loyal readers (who I do appreciate!) and new visitors.

Ho hum. Oh, well, the article was this politically incorrect one and probably would have gotten me a lot of flack from the PC crowd, so maybe it is just as well. ;-)

It's not too late, though. If you want to give La Gringa a pity digg, you could still do it here.

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